Lighting & LED Drivers

Holy Stone Capacitors for Lighting

Holy Stone produces a variety of multilayer ceramic capacitors specifically used in various lighting circuits. Temperature coefficients include stable Class I, COG/NPO dielectrics, Class II X7R for greater capacitance/voltage density as well as X7T and X7P for capacitance density and improved DC Bias characteristics. X7T and X7P dielectrics are commonly used as lower cost replacements for leaded polyester and polypropylene film capacitors. Example applications include:

  • LED Drivers
  • Florescent, halogen, and CFL ballast
  • Industrial lighting
  • Street, traffic, and safety lights
  • Automotive lighting
  • Snubber and smoothing
  • Luminaires featuring light sensors and dimmable LED’s

Holy Stone Capacitors for Lighting

Please see the below schematic and reference for design examples.

LED Lighting - Capacitors for Lighting

C1: X Capacitor  SCC Series, 103-333pF, X x 1pcs
C2: Y Capacitor  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 2pcs
C3: Primary-Secondary Coupling  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 1pcs
C4: Smoothing Cap.

 MVC/HVC Series, 333-104pF, 630-1KVdc

 HCP Series, 400Vdc

C5: Snubber  MVC Series, 102-224pF, 250-630Vdc x 1pcs
C6: Snubber  MVC/HVC Series, 101-102pF, 630-1KVdc x 1pcs
C7: Output Smoothing  HCC/MVC Series, 105-106pF, 25-100Vdc x 1pcs