Holy Stone Capacitors for Telecommunications Applications

Holy Stone manufactures a broad line of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC’s) used in the telecommunications industry. Applicable market segments include: mobile devices, IP telephony, LAN and WAN networking, cable modems, Ethernet devices, triple play, All-in-One printers, and set top boxes, receivers and Over-The Air equipment. Available Temperature Coefficients are ultra-stable Class I COG/NPO, and Class II X7R for greater capacitance/voltage density as well as X7T and X7P dielectrics for greater capacitance density and improved DC Bias characteristics. The Class I and Class II MLCC devices are available in sizes from 0603 up to 2225, at voltages from 100vdc to 5KVdc. Superterm® flexible termination is available upon request. This option incorporates a polymer layer in the termination structure which effectively absorbs external stresses and therefore reduces the incidence of potential product cracking. An open mode product design is also available as a customized option – this specialized internal electrode design reduced the possibility of a short circuit due to cracking under high mechanical or thermal stress conditions. A world leader in Safety-Rated capacitors, Holy Stone also offers X1/Y2 and X2 capacitors for safety circuits. Example applications include:

Holy Stone Capacitors for The Telecom Industry
  • Surge and line protection
  • Isolation
  • EMI
  • Snubbers
  • Smoothing
  • Series and parallel busses
  • Tip and Ring
  • All power circuits

Please see the below schematic and reference for a design example in a Tip and Ring circuit: